scAvengers Assemble

scAvengers Assemble! | Episode 001

As members of our group on Facebook might have noticed, this week we announced the scAvenger Assemble! hangouts. After a trial run with the moderating team last week, this week we invited members of the Facebook group to join us in talking about all different facets of our collecting hobby.

Join Steve, Bryan, Chris, Matt and community members Myla, Mark and TC in a conversation about recent pickups, figure news, thoughts about the Netflix series “The Umbrella Company” and some incredible Star Wars posters.

These scAvengers Assemble! livestreams will be bi-weekly on the weeks where there is no podcast release. Because of this you’ll be able to get a weekly dose of Scavenger content. If you wish to join in the conversation or ask questions during the show, subscribe to the Youtube channel and join the Facebook group to get notifications and details on the next scAvengers Assemble!

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