Collecting Weekly’s Hot Toys March Madness

Our friends over at the Collecting Weekly podcast together with PJ (known as plastic.heroes.and.villians on instagram ) have invoked the madness of March to figure out which of the over 500 MMS figures currently released by Hot Toys is the best. With a pre-selection of 64 figures and a couple of must read rules, people will have to make some tough (very though…) decisions.

This week only marks the first round, but further up in the month of march decisions for the next rounds might become even harder. How does one choose between both Infinity War Thor (MMS474) and the first Doctor Strange (MMS387)?

The results of the competition will be announced on 10th of April edition of the Collecting Weekly podcast, or the Collecting Weekly Facebook page, so be sure to give them a listen/follow. There is even a small price for the person who predicts the winner, so be sure to cast your vote!

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