All Good Things Must Come to an End | Sixth Scale Scavengers 073

Bryan, Chris, and TC come together one final time as a podcasting trio to celebrate TC’s 52nd and final episode as a host of the Sixth Scale Scavengers.

Among the Hot Toys figures covered were Rey and D-O, Tony Stark (Mark V Suit Up) Standard and Deluxe, Artillery Stormtrooper, and Spider-Man (Anti-Ock Suit) Standard and Deluxe.

After another Scavenger collection update, the hosts reminisce about the last two years of shows with stories and thanking TC for all he has done for the show and the collecting community. The show will be taking a break until July 2021 at the earliest, and will return with new host(s) that can only hope to fill the legacy that TC leaves behind.

All Good Things Must Come to an End | Sixth Scale Scavengers 073

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