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Hot-Toys-Logo-150x150Updated: October 14, 2021.

Our database is updated regularly and includes links for each figure that contains product information such as release dates, original retail price, links to online retailers, and affiliate links to eBay as applicable.

Based in Hong Kong, Hot Toys Limited is a production company specializing in sixth scale collectible figures featuring actual likenesses of film based characters. Sideshow Collectibles is the official distributor of Hot Toys figures in the US, North and South America, Europe, Australia and select Asian countries.

Hot Toys produced their first DC Comics sixth scale collectible figure in 2006.

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*Disclosure: The product links to eBay are affiliate links and the Sixth Scale Scavengers may earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you click through and make a purchase.

Character Description Product MSRP eBay*
King Shark The Suicide Squad PPS006 $220.00 eBay
Cyborg Zack Snyder’s Justice League TMS057 $315.00 eBay
Batman (XE Suit) Batman: Arkham Origins VGM52 $375.00 eBay
Batmobile Batman Begins MMS596 $625.00 eBay
Batman Batman Begins MMS595 $255.00 eBay
Knightmare Batman and Superman Zack Snyder’s Justice League TMS038 $515.00 eBay
Robin Batman Forever MMS594 $245.00 eBay
Batman (Sonar Suit) Batman Forever MMS593 $255.00 eBay
Batman The Dark Knight Rises DX19 $290.00 eBay
Bat-Pod The Dark Knight Rises MMS591 $285.00 eBay
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984 MMS584 $255.00 eBay
Golden Armor Wonder Woman (Deluxe) Wonder Woman 1984 MMS578 $360.00 eBay
Golden Armor Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984 MMS577 $300.00 eBay
Harley Quinn Batman: Arkham Knight VGM41 $266.00 eBay
Batgirl Batman: Arkham Knight VGM40 $243.00 eBay
Harley Quinn (Caution Tape Jacket) Birds of Prey MMS566 $281.00 eBay
Harley Quinn Birds of Prey MMS565 $259.00 eBay
Batman Beyond Batman: Arkham Knight VGM39 $281.00 eBay
Batman (Prestige Edition) Batman: Arkham Knight VGM37 $251.00 eBay
The Flash The Flash TMS009 $250.00 eBay
Two-Face The Dark Knight MMS546 $251.00 eBay
Aquaman Aquaman MMS518 $243.00 eBay
Wonder Woman (Comic Concept) Justice League MMS506 $243.00 eBay
Deathstroke Batman: Arkham Origins VGM30 $250.00 eBay
Superman Justice League MMS465 $245.00 eBay
Batman (Deluxe) Justice League MMS456 $266.00 eBay
Batman Justice League MMS455 $235.00 eBay
Wonder Woman (Deluxe) Justice League MMS451 $249.00 eBay
Wonder Woman Justice League MMS450 $228.00 eBay
The Flash Justice League MMS448 $228.00 eBay
Batman (Futura Knight) Batman: Arkham Knight VGM29 $249.00 eBay
Aquaman Justice League MMS447 $235.00 eBay
Harley Quinn (Dancer Dress) Suicide Squad MMS439 $220.00 eBay
Batman (Tactical Batsuit) Justice League MMS432 $266.00 eBay
Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight VGM28 $244.99 eBay
Wonder Woman (Training Armor) Wonder Woman MMS424 $234.99 eBay
Armored Batman (Battle Damaged) Batman v Superman MMS417 $265.99 eBay
Batman Suicide Squad MMS409 $234.99 eBay
Harley Quinn (Prisoner) Suicide Squad MMS407 $219.99 eBay
The Joker Batman: Arkham Asylum VGM27 $229.99 eBay
Batman Batman: Arkham Knight VGM26 $244.99 eBay
The Joker (Tuxedo) Suicide Squad MMS395 $219.99 eBay
The Joker (Batman Imposter) Suicide Squad MMS384 $264.99 eBay
Harley Quinn Suicide Squad MMS383 $249.99 eBay
The Joker (Purple Coat) Suicide Squad MMS382 $249.99 eBay
Deadshot Suicide Squad MMS381 $244.99 eBay
The Joker (Arkham Asylum) Suicide Squad MMS373 $219.99 eBay
Knightmare Batman Batman v Superman MMS372 $234.99 eBay
Wonder Woman Batman v Superman MMS359 $234.99 eBay
Armored Batman (Black Chrome) Batman v Superman MMS356 $249.99 eBay
Armored Batman Batman v Superman MMS349 $249.99 eBay
Superman Batman v Superman MMS343 $209.99 eBay
Batman Batman v Superman MMS342 $234.99 eBay
Batman and Bruce Wayne Batman Returns MMS294 $344.99 eBay
Batman Batman Returns MMS293 $219.99 eBay
John Blake & Jim Gordon with Bat-Signal The Dark Knight Rises MMS275 $419.99 eBay
John Blake with Bat-Signal The Dark Knight Rises MMS274 $279.99 eBay
Batman Batman: Arkham City VGM18 $229.99 eBay
The Joker (Bank Robber 2.0) The Dark Knight MMS249 $269.99 eBay
Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne & Alfred The Dark Knight MMS236 $624.99 eBay
Batman Armory with Alfred Pennyworth The Dark Knight MMS235 $524.99 eBay
Batman Armory with Batman The Dark Knight MMS234 $384.99 eBay
Robin Batman (1966) MMS219 $189.99 eBay
Batman Batman (1966) MMS218 $204.99 eBay
General Zod Man of Steel MMS216 $239.99 eBay
Superman (Evil Version) Superman III MMS207 $214.99 eBay
Jor-El Man of Steel MMS201 $219.99 eBay
Superman Man of Steel MMS200 $199.99 eBay
The Joker (Mime) Batman DX14 $229.99 eBay
Selina Kyle – Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises MMS188 $194.99 eBay
Batmobile (Tumbler Camouflage) The Dark Knight Rises MMS184 $469.99 eBay
Bane The Dark Knight Rises MMS183 $194.99 eBay
Lt. Jim Gordon (S.W.A.T.) The Dark Knight Rises MMS182 eBay
Batman / Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight Rises DX12 $259.99 eBay
The Joker 2.0 The Dark Knight DX11 $274.99 eBay
The Bat-Pod The Dark Knight Rises MMS177 $274.99 eBay
Batmobile Batman MMS170 $629.99 eBay
Batman Batman DX09 $239.99 eBay
The Joker Batman DX08 $264.99 eBay
Batman & Bruce Wayne Batman Begins MMS155 eBay
Superman Superman MMS152 eBay
Batman Demon & Scarecrow Batman Begins MMS140 eBay
Batman The Dark Knight DX02 eBay
The Joker The Dark Knight DX01 eBay
Harvey Dent / Two-Face The Dark Knight MMS81 eBay
The Joker (Bank Robber) The Dark Knight MMS79 eBay
Batman (Dark Knight) The Dark Knight MMS71 eBay
Bat-Pod The Dark Knight MMS70 eBay
Batmobile (Tumbler) The Dark Knight MMS69 eBay
The Joker The Dark Knight MMS68 eBay
Batman The Dark Knight MMS67 eBay
Superman & Clark Kent Superman Returns MMS50 eBay
Jor-El Superman Returns MMS49 eBay
Clark Kent Superman Returns MMS27 eBay
Superman Superman Returns MMS14 eBay
Batman Batman Begins MMS13 eBay